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Labuan Company as Headquarters for Regional and Representative Office 

Ways to maximize your return using a Labuan Company as Headquarters for Regional/Representative Offices set-up in various jurisdiction

If you are planning an international business and would like to set up an office in various countries, situating Headquarters at Labuan can position your company for international growth and meet requirements guided by other countries. With your Headquarters set up in Labuan, your business can meet many of these requirements and when revenues are channeled through the Labuan entity, you can enjoy low corporate taxes of 3%!

Labuan Company as Headquarters for Regional and Representative OfficeA typical example: An E-Commerce Company using Labuan as a Regional Headquarters

A newly established E-Commerce company seeks to incorporate in Labuan and has plans to penetrate markets across Asia, especially South East Asia. The company intends to set up Representative Offices in each market that it serves while situating its Regional Base (Headquarters) in Labuan. The representative offices allow the business owners to send their representatives to source opportunities and any sales concluded the billing will come from Labuan Company to enjoy low tax.

Examples of requirements for Regional/Representative Offices (RO) for various countries include:

Singapore Representative Office

RO is not a legal entity
The parent company is implicitly responsible for all liabilities of RO
Applications by the foreign commercial entity must fulfill certain minimum criteria

Thailand Representative Office

Considered as a non-trading office
Not permitted to conduct business with a view to profit
Permission must be applied for prior to the commencement of business

Vietnam Representative Office

Can act as a liaison office of its foreign head office
Not a separate legal entity
Not allowed to generate revenue

Situating its Headquarters in Labuan, while having a regional/representative offices in other countries benefits the company because:

  • Strategically positioned to tap into ASEAN base, including ease of regional travel
  • Low cost of conducting business, keeping overhead costs under control
  • Can meet requirements laid out by countries in which Representative Offices are located
  • Entire business can be structured to be tax efficient – no withholding taxes and low corporate taxes 
  • The choice to hire foreign expatriates to the Headquarters with 2-years renewal business visa
  • Foreign directors hired by Labuan company may be exempted from Malaysia personal income tax (a special provision until 2020!)
  • Permissible to do onshore and offshore Malaysia business

Find out complete advantanges of Labuan company!

Ultimately how you intend to structure your business depends on your business objectives and goals. At CP Trust, we guide our clients on how they can best achieve their goals and enjoy the extras that Labuan mid-shore jurisdiction offers!

CP Trust as Your Trust Company

We provide consultation on company structure for Labuan, profiling of documentation and due diligence of company application, assist in providing the registered office and back-end support to ease your operations. We can provide assistance from start to finish in helping you set up your Labuan business. Consult us today!

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