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                Labuan Tax for Bangladeshi Exporters

Labuan Company for Bangladeshi Exporters

Bangladesh is the 65th largest exporter in the world and the 11th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In recent years, Bangladesh has exported more than $30B worth of goods annually. The most common export products by Bangladesh include apparel, clothing and textiles.

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, of whom many are from the apparel industry are constantly seeking to ensure that their products meet global needs and are competitive in the global market. To them, it is imperative that the constant trade and transactions proceed smoothly. Labuan companies are in fact, perfect entities for your global trading activities – with ease of dealing with multiple currencies, the strategic location of Labuan’s midshore jurisdiction and NO licenses are required to conduct trading activities! Export/import licensing or permit and standardization requirements are often the major bottlenecks in exporting goods. With a Labuan company, Bangladeshi exporters can simplify some of these issues.

Setting up a Labuan Company can help your Exporting Business be more Efficient!

With a Labuan Company, you will be able to import and export your products with easy and at the same time, enjoy benefits brought by Labuan Business Activity Tax Act!

Bangladeshi Exporters – 4 main Labuan tax advantages :

* Labuan corporate tax is only 3% on net profits
* Dividends issued to Shareholders are fully exempted from tax
* Foreign Directors’ fees are fully exempted from tax
* No withholding tax on interest, loyalty, management fee, technical fee

If you are interested in starting or shifting your exporting business to Labuan and enjoy low taxes and other benefits, get in touch with us by filling in this enquiry form to find out how to set up a Labuan Company with substance. We provide a range of service for your Labuan investment as we simply “simplify the complexities”!

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