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Labuan Company as Multiple Vehicles

Secure your wealth with Labuan Foundation to manage all worldwide assets, businesses, and properties owned by you! Labuan jurisdiction provides flexible structures, often used as multiple vehicles, for tax efficiency purposes according to the nature of the business. Labuan jurisdiction also provides complete infrastructure to assist businesses to create real substance at an affordable cost.

Labuan Company As Multiple Vehicles

Examples of the Multiple Vehicles that Labuan Jurisdiction Has To Offer To Secure Your Personal Wealth and Succession:

1 – Structures can be pre-designed to hold ownership under an individual’s name for asset protection and succession.

2 – All entities can be owned by a Labuan Foundation, allowing flexibility in defining its beneficiaries as well as asset distribution.

3 – A Labuan registered investment holding company is key in the framework. Holding companies are considered as non-trading in nature, and so are fully exempted from tax.

4 – All overseas assets owned by Labuan holding companies – tax-free for all gain!

5 – Labuan investment holding companies can own Malaysian Sdn Bhd companies. Where there are projects owned by an Sdn Bhd company that may require funding, Labuan company can be the vehicle to raise overseas funds.

6 – Through a Labuan company, private mutual funds can easily be established without the need for a license. Funds can be obtained from overseas sources and may be used to invest locally in projects owned by an Sdn Bhd company. 

7 – In order to avoid risks of overseas investment, Hong Kong companies can be established to enter the Chinese market. These companies can be owned by the Labuan holding company with zero tax for dividends received.

8 – Labuan companies can also engage in international trading. For example, trading goods from China to Europe and America or vice versa. Yearly corporate tax payable is 3%.

9 – Labuan holding companies are recognized and can be listed in Hong Kong or Singapore. Both Hong Kong and Singapore Exchanges recognize Labuan Financial Centre as an international financial center and with sufficient infrastructure for real commercial viability. 

10 – Family business continuity can be assured – can be passed on to any beneficiaries, through the setting up of a Labuan Private Foundation. All distributions to beneficiaries are tax-free, in other words, beneficiaries tax.

Feel free to contact us to inquire how to set Labuan entity to maximise your return! We “simplify the complexities” of your Labuan business set-up




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