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Labuan Company as a Listing Vehicle

Labuan Company entity of trading or investment holding in nature is well recognized by major exchanges such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia for listing. Besides, Labuan company can be structured receiving funds via public listing, it can also be made to do private placement for fundraising for various investment opportunities thru Labuan Public Mutual Fund or Labuan Private Mutual Fund vehicles. 

Labuan holding companies can also apply for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or RTO (Reverse Take-Over) without the need to register another entity in other respective jurisdictions. This allows the company to save time, cost and have quicker access to funding when needed. Therefore, it is much easier to manage a Labuan company as opposed to the other remote offshore company such as Cayman Island, Seychelles, BVI, etc. to comply with Common Reporting System (CRS) by OECD and eract any proof of commercial substance. It is also cheaper to operate a Labuan company compared to Hong Kong or Singapore company, please click here to know more.  

As an investment holding, the Labuan company will be subjected to 0% tax annually. In addition, there is no need to have the yearly financial accounts audited and yearly tax compliance is easy and straightforward. Just one Labuan entity would be sufficient to carry out a variety of holdings!

Labuan companies are allowed to have their marketing office in Kuala Lumpur and Iskandar Johore of their choice and pay the same tax rate! This allows your marketing personnel to conduct meetings with potential investors or clients with easy access from these locations.

Labuan Jurisdiction offers complete solutions of all types including wealth management, financial services, insurance, etc for businesses to expand and extend in diversification and size to leap in another level easily for the company as well as the individual entrepreneur, stakeholders, etc. Know more about Labuan, click here!

Labuan Company As Listing Vehicle

Labuan jurisdiction offers one of the best wealth management tool protected by Foundation Acts for wealth succession and protection, check more.. why Labuan Private Foundation is so special!

Send us the enquiry form to explore the best type of Labuan entity to meet your business objectives in Malaysia. We “simplify the complexities” for your Labuan investment. Labuan Company as a Listing Vehicle




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