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Guide to Apply Personal Tax Certificate for Labuan Expatriate

Expatriates receiving personal income from his/her Labuan company can apply for Personal Tax Residence Certificate issued by Malaysia Inland Revenue Department. This certificate will enable he/she being tax twice on the same income especially for countries that practice the “worldwide tax” system and to enjoy the tax benefits under the DTA. The personal income can be in any form including director’s fees, salaries and allowances. He/She is regarded as a resident of Malaysia will be eligible to apply for the Personal Tax Certificate of Residence:

  • if he/she is in Malaysia for at least 182 days in a calendar year (January – December)
  • if he/she has an existing Malaysia personal tax account (SG number)

Personal income tax filing due date is by 30th April each year for the previous year income received from January to December. The personal residence tax certificate is issued based on previous year assessment, no advance tax certificate will be issued.Guide to Apply Personal Tax Certificate for Labuan Expatriate

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The application for processing by Malaysia Inland Revenue Board will take about 1 to 2 weeks. Do let us know if you require our service to apply for the personal tax residence certificate. This service is only available for our clients. We “simplify the complexities”. Email us at for your needs. Guide to Apply Personal Tax Certificate for Labuan Expatriate

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