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                 All About Labuan Jurisdiction

All About Labuan Jurisdiction

Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) is the only jurisdiction that offers a comprehensive midshore solution. Allowing business entrepreneurs a wide spectrum of choices and advantages. Labuan IBFC provides a business-friendly environment with a ready infrastructure to support your business at an affordable operation cost comparing to the jurisdiction such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Setting up your Labuan International Company directly, connects you with the ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC) with a potential of more than 630 million population of free flow trade. The Labuan IBFC regulatory frame is anchored by a simple and attractive low tax system to maximise your return. 

Labuan as Your Preferred Jurisdiction!

  • Established Common Law systemLabuanFinancialPark
  • Transparent laws – OECD white list
  • Responsive regulator
  • Simple, competitive business-friendly tax system
  • Comprehensive legal framework, for both conventional and Islamic vehicles
  • Discretion & confidentiality coupled with a strong regulatory environment

As a midshore jurisdiction, Labuan offers support for growing businesses, while adhering to international compliance.

Labuan Jurisdiction for Your Business

  1. Cost Efficient Platform – As a regional operational hub for global corporations and investors to tap into Asian markets!
  1. One-Stop Financial Solution – Offers an integrated business and financial centre in various sectors such as financial institutions focused on wealth management, captive insurance, reinsurance, and leasing.
  1. Globally Connected – Allows for business connectivity with different jurisdictions and is strategically positioned with time zone similarity and easy access to the Asia Pacific markets.
  1. Strong Regulatory Framework – Arm with high and consistent of supervisory framework adopted by Labuan IBFC is in line with international standards and best practices.

Labuan IBFC offers 3 main solutions!

Labuan Business Solutions

From a simple trading company of import & export, advisory & consultancy to private fund raising business, one can use Malaysia as a platform to stay and perform their business activities with the renewable 2 years’ Labuan work permit which facilitates, hassle-free entry in and out at the immigration checkpoints.

With many special vehicles ranging from a Labuan company, Limited Partnership Protected Cells, Trust and Foundation available within Labuan IBFC, we can tailor make and structure your business needs accordingly to meet your investment objectives with tax efficiency in mind. Our service is complete with bank accounts and providing solutions for your fund transfer of small or huge sums depending on your business needs.

Labuan Wealth Management Solutions

With the increased numbers of high net worth individuals (HNWI)in the regions and riding on the Labuan IBFC comprehensive wealth planning platform, we tailor and provide complete wealth management solutions and vehicles from wealth creation to wealth preservation to meet their succession objectives and needs.

Labuan Trusts and Foundations are the main vehicles often used to structure and customise a wide array of wealth management needs and are especially suitable for your wealth planning, protection and succession. A family office may also be created in Labuan.

Labuan Financial Services Solutions

Labuan IBFC is an internationally-recognised for its standards and best practices in financial services for both conventional as well as Islamic. For those who are qualified, Labuan IBFC offers various financial platforms to meet your objectives:

Labuan Banks  | Labuan Investment BanksLabuan SecuritiesLabuan Fund ManagementLabuan Money Market
Labuan Factoring |  Labuan Credit Token | Labuan Exchange  | Labuan Capital Markets

For licenses application, our complete services begin with structuring profiling the application and advisory, follow up with final approval of the license. Our expertise also covers management of your entity should you require the service for your ongoing operations, and compliance.

Get Your Business Started @ Labuan with Wide Choice Of Entity Setup!

To start a business in the Labuan Jurisdiction, there are three main types & forms of entities that you can choose for setting up your entity to meet your objectives. Visit for more information.All About Labuan Jurisdiction

A) Labuan Companies

B) Labuan Specialized Entities

C) Labuan Asset Protection & Wealth Management

Feel free to email us an enquiry form should you want to find out which is the best entity to set up in Labuan to meet your business objectives! We “simplify the complexities’ for your Labuan set-up!