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Tax Avoidance Will Soon Be Eliminated!

OECDMore than 200 countries have agreed with OECD to list their expatriates and assets thru the set up of Common Reporting System (CRS). The aim is to eliminate tax avoidance by individual and corporate. Malaysia has signed on the CRS with OECD to commence in 2018. With CRS in place, the system allows the tax authorities freely exchange information on expatriates living in their countries for tax assessment purpose. Hence, it is essential for entrepreneurs to set up business with real commercial substance. This will bring great impact to especially to jurisdictions which offer zero tax, unable to issue tax certificate for both the company and expatriates and lack of infrastructure to assist the businesses to create a commercial substance. For high cost jurisdiction such as Hong Kong and Singapore, it may lose out in terms on affordability. Labuan Mid Shore is one of the jurisdiction in Asia Pacific with complete infrastructures to enable you to create commercial substance for your business with affordability.

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Why Labuan Jurisdiction Should Be Your Choice Today!

  • Labuan offers 100% foreign ownership making your investment secured!
  • Labuan offers low corporate tax and flexible tax system! 
  • Malaysia is part of Asean Economic Cooperation (AEC) zone with market potential of 630 million populations!
  • Labuan IBFC is a complete with wide range of solutions for business, financial services to wealth management for shariah or non-shariah compliance of your choice!
  • Malaysia has wide range Double Tax Treaties partners of more than 70 countries!
  • Labuan is located closer to you with similar time zone for easy manage operation!
  • Malaysia and Labuan comes with complete infrastructure and manpower to support your business!
  • Labuan is a “midshore” jurisdiction allows you to tap into both international and Malaysia markets!
  • Labuan entities can be conventional or syariah compliance of your choice!
  • Labuan has a complete range of entities ready to support your expansion and wealth management!
  • Labuan is a whitelist jusrisdiction governed by common law and fully compliance with OECD and FAFTCA!
  • Labuan entities are recoqnised by major stock exchanges for listing!
  • Labuan offers more affordable operating cost compared to other jurisdictions like Hong Kong and Singapore!
  • Labuan is governed by confidentiality law and privacy is secured with non-public searchable!


Get Creative with Labuan For Your Asian Businesses!

Come and explore various Labuan entities to serve various to meet your business needs for your business expansion. There are many various scenarios of structure for various types of business natures for every entrepreneur. Labuan is a jurisdiction where you can physical presence to operate, it is not a tax haven jurisdiction in remote islands where accessibility is inconvenient. Malaysia’s inland infrastructure has sufficient resources to support all your business needs now and future with affordability. Find out more info on each Labuan business structure by clicking below!

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Dealing with Malaysian Residents with Labuan Entity

Malaysia Market
Labuan is a midshore jurisdiction allows owners of Labuan entity the flexible to trade in international market as well as local Malaysian markets. This great advantage will give you wider market size to tap on for your business. The tax structure wil be different, for international revenues, the tax will be 3%. For more information on Dealing with Malaysian entities, please click here! Labuan company also permitted to permanently elect to be taxed under local Malaysia Income Tax Act 1967, find out more!

Comparison Between Labuan Company and Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company

Labuan Corporate Tax Residence Certificate

Labuan Corporate TaxCorporate tax certificate is a way to proof your business existence in a jusridiction. Your clients, bankers, or any authorities may request for your Labuan company tax certificate before dealing with you or make payments to your company. Inland Revenue Labuan permits all Labuan entities to apply for the tax certificate as long it is able to meet their guidelines. For more on how to apply for the Labuan corporate tax certificate, please click here!

Double Tax Agreement for Labuan Entities

Double Tax Agreement- Labuan CompanyTo-date, Malaysia has over 70 tax treaties partners to enable your Labuan company to save tax! Out of the whole list, Labuan company is exempted of 14 countries. However, you have the option to enjoy the full tax treaties partner’s list by permanently do the election of your Labuan company to be taxed under the Malaysia Income Tax Act 1967. permanently. More on Malaysia Double Tax Treaty, please click here!

Labuan Personal Tax Residence Certificate

Labuan Personal TaxRecent days many expatriates would like to proof their tax residency in Malaysia in order not to be doubled tax in their own country. Expatriates with incomes derived from his/her Labuan Company is entitled to apply for personal tax certificate from Malaysia inland Revenue Board. For information, please click here!

labuan-entties3 Types of Labuan Entities You Can Chose!

Characteristics of A Labuan Company
Charateristics of A Labuan Protected Cells
Characteristics of A Labuan Partnership
Marketing and Co Located Offices
Secretarial Support & Services

Good to understand the characteristics of each Labuan entity to ensure the right entity correctly chosen to meet your objective as well your future expansion to maximise your return!

More About Labuan Company Information Changes

abuan-company-secretarial-changesIt is advisable to understand what are the changes for your Labuan Company you can do and what you cannot. While most of the changes you can most of the information of your Labuan including name, directors, shareholders, capital, issue dividends, preference shares but there are some guidelines to follow and timelines to adhere to avoid penalties. Find out how to changes can be made and what requires!